OCRS About Us

Meetings and Membership

We meet to play music at 6:00 on Friday evenings year round, three times a month in Newport and once a month in Lincoln City. Meetings are open to those who can read music and are interested in playing early instruments, especially the recorder. Members also play gemshorn, crumhorn, cello, string bass, accordion, guitar, and a number of other instruments.

We invite beginners and experienced musicians alike to join or visit. Please come and play with us to see what it's like! Annual dues are $20, but you need pay only after your trial practice. Visitors from other groups are always welcome. Please call in advance to confirm the meeting location and so we can have music for you. For information, call (541) 961-1228.

We are very grateful to the First Presbyterian Church in Newport and St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church in Lincoln City for space in which meetings are held.